An Inconvenient Truth for Education

There’s a full length feature film on the way from Sir David Puttnam that promises to make waves in Education, the way that ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, the Al Gore movie did for Environmental awareness.

A trailer from that film has been released and is, justifiably, starting to get increasing attention.

Sir David is also promoting a new international, UK-based organisation called ‘The Curriculum Foundation’. This is an exciting initiative that aims to rethink the kind of schools we offer to young people today.

This was something i talked about in Lucknow. In seeking to reform the Indian schools and the education delivered in them, we must be bold and ready to ensure that what we produce is right for the twenty first century – not some misguided idea to reproduce the same old schools of the past, and then think that we will reform from there. India has the chance to produce something unique and lead the world, being less saddled with legacy systems and entrenched ways of doing things. The Indian IT and BPO industries have shown what is possible when working from such a position.

I believe it’s time we engage in a debate with all people taking part (not just the educators) on what a 21st Century Curriculum for India should look like. The one given, in my view, is that it should focus on the skills and competencies to be developed and not the knowledge to be accumulated. We have to acknowledge that we don’t even know precisely what knowledge a young person will need to have 10 years from now and certainly not beyond that.

Check out the film trailer – I think it’s quite inspiring, exciting and can be a real trigger for meaningful change. I can’t wait for the release of the full length film. We are the people we’ve been waiting for……….:

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