Seatbelts not Cool?

There are things in this world that threaten us that we can’t really control. There are other things that threaten us that can be limited in their potential impact by the choices we make. Like the choice to ensure that we and the people we care about wear seatbelts.

The following video is shocking. However, when you have known people who have had this kind of experience you understand why it is shocking. I share it here because i care about the people in the Shri Ram community and want them to be empowered to make choices that protect them.

If you thought that was shocking and have now resolved that in future you will wear a seatbelt when travelling in the front of a car, the following video is, in some ways, stronger. It shows the tragic effects of not wearing belts in the back of a car. And …. think about it, everyone now buys cars with rear seatbelts fitted, but when did you last put it on?

Made you think?

I really hope so. Because I long for a day when the person who won’t put their belt on is called ‘uncool’.

One Response

  1. Those videos were indeed shocking! Yes, it is not always that I wear it when in the back seat, but I do wear it oftener than most, I must say. However, I have always insisted upon my 10 year old son wearing his seatbelt while travelling in a car and that he wears it sitting in the back on a booster seat. Both he and I have been looked upon with amusement here in India,-“He still sits on a baby seat?” is an oft-flung question at me. I painstakingly explain to people that a child strapped into the seat without a booster will run the risk of injury from the belt cutting across the neck instead of the shoulder in case of a crash, is faced with bemusement at best and derision at worst. Fortunately, from the beginning my son has understood the reason perfectly and has never baulked at wearing the seat belt. I am going to show him and his friends these videos. Thanks for being concerned.

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