TSRS Soccer Reaches New Heights

From our soccer correspondent, Mr Keshav Dutt,

TSRS, Moulsari Campus made history by becoming the first ever school from Gurgaon to win the Pre Subroto Cup State Championship by beating St. Sophiya School, District Hissar 1-0 in the finals!

This means the boys have qualified for the National Subroto Cup Championship to be held in the month of October 2009 at Ambedkar Stadium, New Delhi, where the winner schools of all the states and schools from abroad will compete against each other.

Aryaman Anand, Arjun Dutt, Avyay Gujral, Aditya Mallik and Siddharth Mukherjee played outstandingly through out the tournament. The credit goes to the whole team as they fought brilliantly against all the odds like over age players, muddy ground, poor refereeing and under the boiling temperature.

Well done lads, you’ve done yourselves and TSRS proud and we wish you all the best in October.

Go Shri Ram Go!

Subrato Cup


Subroto Cup Indian Ex

2 Responses

  1. What the hell is this man. What is Mr. Keshav Dutt saying? No sincerity? What the hell. I bloody sacrificed my liver for that god damn team and he has the nerve to question the past-team’s sincerity? I would like to see these flash young juniors, Aryaman, Arjun and Avyay show that kind of selfless commitment. These guys can only play when things are going well, when the chips are down, they’ll all fall like a pack of cards. This is infuriating.

  2. Dear All

    At this point i want to say that the views expressed in this comment have been seen by the football coach, Mr Keshav Dutt and the Principal, Senior School Phase III, Ms Komal Sood. This blog gives me the right of veto or editing of any comment or post sent in by anyone.

    However, on this occasion we have let this ex-student go ahead and express his opinion unedited. I would wish to stress that we neither agree with the sentiments, or the way that he has chosen to express them. Of course, other students, past and present, and parents, teachers etc. are more than welcome to respond with their viewpoints.

    My one request is that comments be kept respectful, moderate in language and rational.


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