Caring Confrontation

In these times of so much debate and discussion about children’s vulnerability to bullying, ragging, aggression and other inappropriate behaviour educators have to be ready to explore all avenues for what can be done to find the best ways to minimise destructive and negative behaviours and replace them with good, healthy ways.

Whether as a child or an adult, a sense of alienation or ‘aloneness’ can be one of the worst and most debilitating feelings for anyone. In schools, despite the ‘crowds’ such feelings can come about in many ways, driven by a sense of competition, by a sense that only some can succeed in relative terms (for which others would inevitably have to ‘fail’ or perform less well.

A scarcity mindset can so easily create beliefs that success and achievement are limited and reserved for the few. I believe we need to develop a real, strong sense amongst our students that if they are in competition with anyone, it’s with “them out there”, the rest of the world and not with their colleagues inside the Shri Ram School community. In fact, all their interests can best be achieved if, within the community they are really there for each other, really giving each other genuine support and help, boosting each other up, helping ensure that all achieve to their highest potential.

With these thoughts in my mind i really loved this article from Educational Leadership online magazine, so wanted to share it.


Caring Confrontation


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  1. Hi,

    WHile I largely agree, I think a concept of ‘excelling’ vis-a-vis ‘competing’ should also work. We for one at home excelling as a value – primarily to say that we do better than what we did earlier – and try a little more each time.

    That said – in the context of comfort at the school – I would say school is making enough effort – (coming from a parent with high expectations!!). While a few weeks ago I left a comment on your blog about how I was following the blog because I was trying to find reiteration about my decision to move my daughter to The Shri Ram School – despite her being very happy at her previous school.

    I must say she has travelled a long distance in a short time – from ‘I hate going to school’ in the first few days to “can I take the bus?”. So I guess, as an individual for me – enough and more reason to be happy – bullying – well to whatever verbal offence that happens (namely -what ‘she’ takes as offence) she is developing strength to face and possibly handle it.

    The orientation was one more step in strengthening my conviction! SO all in all – I am telling myself ‘Way to go!’. Kudos to your team!!

  2. I love it when we have parents with high expectation! That way, you ensure that we strive to deliver our best, which is so much more rewarding than just ‘doing OK’.

    I was, in no way, minimising the importance of a sense of competition with oneself. In fact, this is something I believe in very strongly – achieved best through goal setting. What I was trying to say was that if a child is going to compete with ‘others’ let it be those at some distance rather than those close around him/ her with whom they are better off collaborating.

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