Soccer League Draws to a Close

At 8.30 this morning the rain was looking ominous. However, luckily for all it held off until the afternoon enabling a big crowd of children, parents and staff to come together at Aravali for the culmination of 8 weeks of keen competition. It would be impossible to say whether it was the kids or the parents who were more ‘up for it’.

The penalty shoot-outs created much excitement, some inevitable heartaches and some new heroes. Then it was on to the presentation of awards with trophies and recognition for every child who had put in their best efforts.

The keenly anticipated finale was the parents vs teachers match. With a 4 – 2 beating last year to overcome the staff were quietly determined. To help their cause they had recruited in a couple of the school’s senior players. Whilst these lads had fitness and high skill levels on their side they were still pretty daunted by the strength and (ahem) weight advantage of the parents.

In the first half the parents were given too much space and respect. When the school attacked it was with insufficient manpower up front and a lack of finishing. The result was a 1-0 lead for the parents at half time. A good stern team talk at from Mandeep saw the team add some more youthful fresh legs and come out with all guns blazing. What followed were moans and groans as the school team were to realise it just ‘wasn’t our day.’ Umpteen perfect crosses from Raghav Khurana somehow failed to find the final touch in to the net. Even a penalty went sailing over the crossbar.

As the parents tired the were still able to catch school on the break to eventually run out comfortable 3-0 winners. So, school – back to the drawing board to plan a again for next year.

The whole league had a great spirit and atmosphere and we must give credit to a lot of people; to the sponsors – Fitness First – an enormous thank you for the support you gave. To the parents who coached the victors, consoled the vanquished, to the games teachers and administrative staff. Ultimately, to the children – your excitement, your learning and your development are what make it all worthwhile.

So, until next year …………..


One Response

  1. Let’s hope the school calendar is able to squeeze in a l o n g e r Soccer League next session.

    My son is looking forward to it already ….

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