Happy Earth Day

Good morning – just back from the Vatika Earth Walk on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. The walk was an hour late starting (ahem, come on Gurgaon!) and then we were a bit disappointed that we only walked about 1 1/2km at most.Still, the point got made and a little more focus was brought to the issues of what we’re doing to the planet. I understand there’s a really big walk for environment coming up in May – I am Gurgaon, WWF, Kids for Tigers, TSRS and others so we’ll watch out for that one.

This evening we must all remember to switch off lights and other appliances between 8.30 and 9.30 – because we have to start moving beyond words to action.

The reality is people have been talking about this stuff for a very long time. In 1972, when I was just a young boy David Bowie wrote a rock opera called Ziggy Stardust about the world at a time when people realise there are only 5 years of resources left. In the song ‘5 years’ he sings:

“Pushing thru the market square, so many mothers sighing
News had just come over, we had five years left to cry in
News guy wept and told us, earth was really dying
Cried so much his face was wet, then I knew he was not lying”

Do we have to wait until we or our children are crying, until it’s too late to turn back? Are the life choices many are making today really worth the price our children will have to pay? Surely, enough is enough and we must stop the madness. In the land of Gandhi we must be the change we wish to see.


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  1. Cool.. I too attended the walk. Agree with you on the point that this stuff has been in air since long but not much has been done actually to make an impression. However, events like these indeed rephrase the issue and create some awareness.

    Are you the one who came with a kid wearing black t-shirt?

  2. Yes, that was me with my son, Thomas. he was so proud of himself for being out of bed that early for a good cause!!

    • Oh great! These kids will shape the future. A lot depends on how we instill in them the good things that make them really capable..

      My kudos to Thomas! :^)

  3. I wish I had known. Especially since 1.5 kms would’ve been a breeze! And really great for the kids. Plus our kids need to fully understand what we’re faced with. At the moment it really is just a bunch of words for them. I have already been asked whether it’s okay to have the TV on – ‘isn’t it just lights that need to be off?’. 🙂

    So definitely time for us to change the way they think, the way we all think…. We are going to play cards by candlelight. I suspect the hour will fly by and there won’t be any complaints! It’s really just a matter of being a little ‘creative’!

  4. Wish I’d known about the run too. Read about it in the papers a few days ago. I blogged about Earth Day, took part in a blogging foodie event, spread the word around, & then got the kids involved too. It’s amazing how exciting ‘turning off the lights’ can be for a generation which has grown up on inverters & generators…though for most part the younger one wanted to know ‘whether we could have dessert’ with the lights off!!
    It’s a beginning, & a good one at that!

  5. Dear Mark,

    It feels good to know that you and the students of ‘tsrs’ are actively participating in such events like ‘Earth Day’. As you rightly said, “enough is enough and we must stop the madness.” We are happy that you feel the same way as we do. And, we thought of writing to you.

    Educating our children on matters such as environmental pollution, conservation of water and energy, rainwater-harvesting, etc. is a must. But, we also feel that it is equally important for us to provide them with innovative ideas and solutions to make them not only participate in these matters but also make them think and develop better solutions. Isn’t it?

    Keeping that in mind and in order to address the waste management issues especially indiscriminate dumping of food waste and burning of leaves, we developed an innovative system, called “RoliPoli”, that is so uniquely designed that even children are participating in managing their waste in homes and schools. It is a cute-looking, user-friendly and hassle-free composting system that makes waste management easy and fun for everyone unlike open pit composting or vermi-composting.

    Every day is a challenge for all of us, constantly trying to keep our neighborhood, communities, roads etc clean. It is frustrating, but we must not lose hope. My friends and I are reaching out to schools and communities through emails, workshops, discussion forums etc with whatever information or solutions we have. We all need to work together to save our home, our Earth.

    We will be very happy to meet with you to discuss and share our experiences and also demonstrate RoliPoli to you and to the students of ‘tsrs’.

    Keep blogging…

    Kind regards,
    Saurav Bardhan
    (M.S. Electrical Engineering, UW-Madison, USA)

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